Changelog – What’s New?

Continued maintenance and development of is made possible by people like you. Thank you for your contributions!

Current Version


  • Increased performance by changing flag icon source
  • Fixed bug when displaying preview total sections
  • Modified floating menu appearance

Updated May 18th, 2022

Known Issues

  • In CSV files for color gauges, some color codes may be displayed as a number in scientific notation

Notable Previous Versions


  • Modified gauge settings design
  • Removed option for altitude in weather search (now on for every location)
  • Modified menu item spacing


  • Added Get Colors from Image on Search Yarn by Color page
  • Modified download project descriptions
  • Updated dependencies


  • Added Search Yarn by Color page
  • Added Calendar pattern type preview
  • Fixed issues when saving dimensions of some preview types
  • Modified download image size to larger dimensions for some preview types

Updated March 21, 2022


  • Added option to use precise elevation for weather data
  • Added daylight weather data
  • Added Daylight Rows pattern type preview
  • Modified default number of colors for temperature gauges from 7 to 10


When opening previously saved projects in imperial (°F / in) units, some values in your color gauge may be slightly off. For example, if you created a color with a From value of 40, when you re-open your project it may have changed to 39.9. To fix this, change the incorrect value and then re-save your project. The error that caused this rounding issue has been fixed in this update.

  • Added more settings for editing color gauges
  • Added option to change the direction of color gauges
  • Color gauge settings are now saved with the project
  • Modified the display of weather data
  • Added notice for colors with no days in their ranges
  • Added floating navigation menu
  • Fixed conversion rounding issue in color gauge values
  • Fixed incorrect units error in PDF file
  • Fixed error when canceling a get weather request
  • Fixed missing backslash in save project URL


  • Fixed bug in PDF to show all gauge colors if there’s more than one-page’s worth
  • Modified PDF to include units in weather data headers, along with some other minor layout changes


  • Visual re-design including new font, one-page layout, and additional tips and information
  • Added weather data chart
  • Added experimental feature allowing editing weather data
  • Added option to adjust color gauge saturation
  • Fixed bug when removing multiple locations
  • Fixed bug when loading saved projects from url
  • Fixed bug when changing project units


  • Modified color editing page
  • Added option to turn of auto-range setting
  • Added option to choose pre-made color schemes
  • Added Export and Import of color palettes
  • Added support for importing palettes
  • Updated sources


  • Fixed bug regarding searching weather of more than one location
  • Added auto-recognize project units


  • Added flag icons to location information
  • Performance improvements


In order to improve the accuracy and functionality of the site both now and in the future, this update unfortunately includes breaking changes to previously saved projects. If you’ve created a saved project before January 22nd, 2022, you’ll need to update your project by entering missing information and re-saving it. I apologize for any inconvenience, and will try to limit the amount of these kinds of changes in the future.

  • Modified the URL structure of saved projects
  • Removed mapquest as a location search source
  • Updated preview designs and changed some user-editable parameters
  • Modified the default colors for color gauges
  • Added more project download options
  • Fixed minor bug where height-type-parameter values weren’t being converted to the right units
  • Added weather station links to project details
  • Modified a few other UI elements


  • Updated privacy information
  • Added cookie opt-out toggle
  • Modified footer appearance


  • Added feature – include multiple parameters (minimum and maximum temperatures, for example) per day in the horizontal line and chevron preview pattern types.
  • Removed ads.



  • Added feature – click part of a blanket preview to view that day’s info
  • Added feature – save weather and gauge data as CSV files to import into a spreadsheet
  • Added feature – corner-to-corner pattern type
  • Changed some menu button behaviors
  • Added attribution – Weather data source: Meteostat. Raw data provided by NOAA, DWD and others. Location search sources: Geonames


  • Added options for filling in “extra blank squares” in the square-pattern-type preview
  • Added more square-pattern-type preview display options
  • Added a save dialog with options
  • Fixed some issues with searching for location’s weather
  • Changed tab design


  • Added count of days within each temperature gauge item
  • Added animations when adding or removing locations or gauge items
  • Updated some loading animations


  • Updated autocomplete to include all countries (using the API)