Temperature Blanket Project Helper
Temperature-blanket.com is a tool to help people find weather data, create color charts, and see what their crocheted or knitted project might look like.

The site searches the weather history of one or more locations, then uses that data to inform the creation of color gauges. A customizable preview shows what the final project might look like. The project can be saved as a unique URL or downloaded in PDF or CSV format.

Search Yarn by Color
The search page at temperature-blanket.com/yarn lets users select from a variety of brands and yarns to find colorways that best-match a certain color or palette.


Temperature-blanket.com is not owned or directed by a company or organization. It is updated and maintained by one independent developer, supported by gifts from people like you. Thank you for your contributions!


Temperature-blanket.com doesn’t have ads, and your data isn’t sold to anyone. The site uses Microsoft Clarity for anonymous tracking and development purposes.


If you have any questions about using the site, want to request a feature, or encounter something you think is an error, please use the feedback forum. Thank you!

Page updated April 26th, 2022 by J